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We, at Across The Board Document Service, offer a reliable, efficient, prompt, professional, and courteous service to our clients. We are based in the San Gabriel Valley of the Southern California region. However, our services extend well beyond the Los Angeles County limits to accommodate all clientele from Pro-Se individuals to financial institutions, property management, and attorneys/law firms.

Across the Board was founded in 2018 with over 13 years of experience in the legal industry handling litigation files for a reputable insurance carrier. We bring a new standard of professionalism and excellence to legal support services for the Los Angeles and California community.

If you're looking for a professional process server or notary public please contact us. We enjoy what we do and look forward to the opportunity of providing all of your legal document service needs. We go the extra mile for each client whether it's for one document or multiple documents. We take you and your business seriously. We are experts who know the California laws and rules of service to perform your job the right way. We are licensed and bonded.


Service of Process:

Serving individuals with paperwork to legally notify them of their involvement in a legal proceeding. We serve a variety of legal documents, from summons, subpoenas, writs, and complaints. We are proud to work alongside law firms, businesses, landlords, and private individuals.

Mobile Notary:

Authorization of signatures on legal documents to verify their legitimacy as an extension of the state. We are available to meet you when and where you wish for your convenience. Make sure that your important legal documents are verified with a notary.

Document Retrieval:

Our experts are available to retrieve documents from the courthouse so that they can be used in your case. Don't let an important piece of evidence go missing or unused when you can have Across the Board deliver you paperwork when and where you need it!

Court Filings

Filing your time-sensitive legal documents into the California court system to ensure that your case continues without delay. We are capable and skilled in court filing so that all your needs are met in a timely manner.

Stake Outs

Patience and persistence is key when serving process to an evasive or difficult individual. Our stake out service is designed to ensure that we properly serve papers and will wait for the individual(s) to arrive. Instead of hoping for an answer at the door, we wait so that we know a person is present.

Our Technology


Service of Process

  • S-Corps/LLC/CT Corp 10+/a month: $45/serve
  • Metropolitan Areas: $65/serve
  • Rural: $75-$85/serve
  • Long Distance: $105/serve plus mileage
  • Same Day Service: $120 flat rate
  • Same Day Priority Service (within 1-2hrs of request): $150 flat rate

Court Filing

  • Proof of Service Filing: $20-$85
  • Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties: $50-$95
  • Document Retrieval: $30/first hour and $50/every hour thereafter

Additional Charges

  • Skip Tracing: $25-$50
  • Stake Outs: $50/hr (minimum of 2hrs)
  • Difficult/High Risk Service: $75+

Mobile Notary

  • Per signature: $15
  • Mobile Service: $45+

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